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If you travel alone, as a couple, as a family, with friends or as a group,
If you have already scuba dived or deep sea fishing, or not, If you’re on a short or a longer stay,
We’ll always do our best to offer adapted options to your levels and choices.

You can choose to adventure in the morning or in the afternoon. You can plan discovery or exploratory dives, courses …

Our helpful and knowledgeable team will be pleased to assist you explore the latest exciting new product innovations. Our expert service technicians will ensure that your equipment functions reliably and safely.

Captain Dan aka "Underwater Cowboy"

Dan is an avid scuba instructor trainer. This experienced dive instructor knows how to show you the most exciting part about scuba diving because of his many years exploring the waters.

 He does maintain quite an adventurous spirit.  His adventures certainly started early and will never stop. His version of a good day in the winter is playing with manatees and in the summer with sharks.  Dan knows all the greatest spots in Florida.  Dan has worked as a dive guide & dive master, instructor. He has logged many more miles, memories, and stories he can share.

He has an encyclopedia of diving knowledge in his head and enough experience. His primary goal in life is teaching others to love the water and care for it like he does. To do this he teaches them how to  get under and dive and appreciate it and understand the damage being  done and how to fix it. He provides really fun opportunities for regular divers to do extraordinary things to save the oceans and wildlife around it.

Dan takes extreme pride in ensuring his students are happy, safe, properly trained and wanting more  opportunities for ecology underwater. Dan specializes in Teaching  great instructors and dive masters, Family Scuba Adventures, Underwater Ecology and related training.  Couple and Singles Scuba courses, Refresher courses for beginners,  Advanced training through leadership levels. Dan also is our founder.

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