Self Reliant Diver

Why PADI Self-Reliant Diver Specialty?


Increase your safety as both a single diver and as a dive buddy. Take advantage of dive opportunities when a suitable buddy isn’t available.  Perfect for underwater photographers, divemasters, and instructors who frequently dive solo.

What do I need to start?


Divers must be Advanced Open Water certified, have a minimum of 100 logged dives, and be over 18 years of age. Required equipment is a delayed surface marker buoy and at least 100 feet of line, redundant gas source, redundant computer, redundant visual and audible surface  signaling devices, cutting tool, slate/pencil, and back-up mask.

What will you learn?


You’ll learn the use of redundant and safety equipment, self-rescue,  equipment configuration, no-buddy dive planning, establishing your  surface air consumption rate, and independent management of dive  emergencies. You will put this knowledge to the test on three open water  dives less than 100 feet of depth.

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