Rescue Diver

Challenging and rewarding best describes the PADI Rescue Diver course. This course will expand your knowledge and experience level. Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves and consider the safety  and well being of other divers. Although this course is challenging, it is a rewarding way to build your confidence. PADI Rescue Diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies. Many divers say this is the best course they’ve ever taken.



  • Be at least 12 Years old
  • May start the PADI Rescue Course in conjunction with you PADI  Advance Open Water Course, but must be certified as a PADI Advance Open  Water Diver or have a qualifying certification from another training  organization prior to training sessions in open water.
  • Successful completion of a sanctioned CPR/First Aid (Emergency First Response) program in the last 12 months.




The PADI Rescue Diver course prepares you to deal with dive  emergencies, minor and major, using a variety of techniques. As well as  learn to prepare an emergency assistance plan, how to use O2, and  perform self rescue skills. And much much more.


  • Self-rescue and diver stress
  • Dive First-Aid
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Swimming and non-swimming assists
  • Panicked diver response
  • Underwater problems
  • Missing diver procedures
  • Surfacing unconscious diver
  • In water artificial respiration   
  • Egress (water exits)
  • First aid procedures for pressure related accidents
  • Dive accident scenarios
  • Site evacuation plans

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