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Fishing with Florida Keys locals affords you the opportunity to target dozens of different game fish. Whether you want to head offshore for Mahi or fish the famous reefs and wrecks off Grouper, Snapper, Tuna, Amberjack, Snapper, Wahoo, Sailfish, Swordfish and  Kingfish, we have got you covered.


The toughest of the pelagic predators. Our twilight tuna trips are PERFECT for targeting this sashimi grade species and its not uncommon to catch a half dozen or more!  The trick to catching blackfin tuna is to load up on bait and use “live chum”.  In order to accomplish this, significant time must be invested catching lots of disposable bait. Light to moderate winds are preferable in  order to maximize the performance of the kites.


The most consistent gamefish in Miami waters. We love kingfishing – this is the most sustainable and consistent bite in the waters off Miami. No matter what time of year, kingfish can be found cruising or lurking around deep water reefs picking off baitfish and smaller mackerel. Kingfish is a local favorite to target on the troll, fishing planer boards to present baits at depth.  We prefer to kite fish for kingfish, because big kings will literally torpedo themselves out of the water to crush a helpless kite bait. “Kingfish torpedos” are an amazing spectacle as  these toothed predators can leap up to ten feet out of the water,  chomping their jaws the entire time!


The finest table fare and stubborn reef monster. Snapper, grouper, and reef/wreck trips are ideal for family anglers and novice anglers who are looking to get after some serious Miami fishing action! This is an ideal half day trip – easy on the wallet and lots of action. While the weather certainly impacts this form of fishing  (rough seas are never fun when you’re anchored down), it is accessible every month of the year. Ray is an expert reef fisherman and usually  brings the luck with him aboard every trip! We use pinfish, pilchards,  crabs, mullet, and even lobsters to catch monster reef predators –  depending on the season this will impact the type of bait and rigs we use!


The fiercest mackerel that swims. Wahoo fishing off Miami is nothing short of exceptional. The Wahoo is THE most bad ass, tough as nails, ferocious mackerel that swims in the ocean. Capable of swimming at speeds upwards of 35 MPH, this formidable finned opponent dominates the Atlantic waters with no natural predators.


The most delicious and fun saltwater fish to catch. We commonly encounter these golden delicious fish swarming around  floating debris offshore or roaming open water in search of unsuspecting  baits. They eat readily and are not shy at all – pound for pound they  are the most aggressive and actually the fastest growing fish in the  ocean! When we hook up on a school it can get a little chaotic, so be  sure to pay attention to the direction of your captain and mate to  maximize the number of fish you catch!


The tasty crowd pleaser with attitude. Miami is famous for consistent snapper and grouper fishing. We fish a combination of bottom rods and mid-water column rigs to entice big amberjacks while loading up the cooler with “eaters”. The reefs and wrecks off Miami are full of life and unpredictable in terms of their inhabitants. Depending on the season, currents, and weather conditions, certain reefs or wrecks fluctuate in terms of their productivity. 

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